Luxurious Lady’s Watches: Discover the Charm of the Replica Coussin de Cartie Series

The replica Coussin de Cartie series adopts a pillow-shaped design. Different from the traditional square, the pillow-shaped design replaces the sharp edges of the corners with soft rounded corners.

On the bezel of the replica watch, there are three lines that change from narrow to wide. They spirally diverge from the inside to the outside, creating a profound visual effect. Diamonds are set on the bezel, arranged from small to large, forming a miniature vortex. What is surprising is that no matter which angle you look at the case, you can see a design consisting of three inlaid bands of different thicknesses, which makes the diamonds on the bezel more dynamic.

In addition to design, diamond setting technology is also crucial. In order to achieve a dynamic visual effect, Cartier has developed a new triangular setting technique, which can directly set diamonds in the case without using traditional beads. This technique makes the metal frame disappear without a trace, and the brilliance of the diamond is fully displayed.

The right side of this replica watch is equipped with Cartier’s classic bead-shaped crown, and the top is set with a 0.13-carat brilliant-cut round diamond, which is full of luxury. For a lady’s watch, in addition to gemstones, precious metals are also essential elements. The watch uses 750/1000 gold (i.e. 18K gold) to make a pillow-shaped case. The diameter of the watch is 30.44 x 33.78 mm and the thickness is 7.08 mm. For women’s watches, this size is the gold standard.

In addition, the dial design of this watch is also very outstanding. It can be said that the dial design of this watch fully meets the definition of “simple but not simple”. The simplicity is that except for the two gold sword-shaped hands indicating the time, there is no other design on the disk, not even time scales. The so-called “not simple” is because the dial of the watch is covered with brilliant-cut round diamonds, which complement the gold case and hands.

Compared with the front of the watch, the back design is more simple. The watch adopts a sealed case back design, and the bottom cover is made of 18K gold. There is no additional decoration on it, and only information including the limited edition number and brand mark are engraved. However, it is worth mentioning that the Paraiba tourmaline design on the bezel also extends to the case back, adding a highlight to the simple case back. In terms of movement, Cartier has equipped this watch with a quartz movement, whose greatest advantage is its peace of mind and convenience.

This watch is also equipped with a blue satin-textured calfskin strap, which is soft and smooth to the touch and very comfortable to wear. The 18K gold buckle matching the strap is also inlaid with diamonds. The entire strap and buckle are inlaid with a total of 279 brilliant-cut round diamonds, with a total weight of 1.35 carats. This decoration makes the entire watch, from the strap to the buckle to the dial, exude a bright and luxurious light.

To sum up, the Coussin de Cartier two-tone gem watch replica shows excellent gem setting technology and presents a luxurious and unobtrusive visual effect. Cartier’s profound knowledge in design aesthetics is irresistible and exciting!

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