Flying tourbillon and ball-shaped day and night display: replica of IWC’s watch that breaks through the ceiling of complex functions

This new IWC hand-wound tourbillon ball-type day and night display watch stands out among many new watches with its exquisite craftsmanship and elegant design. The case has a diameter of approximately 42.4 mm and is made of polished and frosted 18K Armor Gold® hard gold material. This material is not only harder, but also more wear-resistant and more durable than traditional 5N red gold.

The flying minute tourbillon displayed at 6 o’clock on the dial is composed of 56 parts and has a total weight of only 0.675 grams. The watchmaker places the balance wheel, lever and escapement wheel in a small frame that rotates on its own axis once every minute. The pallet fork and escapement wheel are made of silicon and treated with DiamondShell® technology to improve their wear resistance and durability.

This technical treatment can effectively reduce component friction, prevent energy loss, and achieve a high power reserve of up to 84 hours. This replica watch is also equipped with a tourbillon stopping device, which can stop completely to ensure that the wearer can set the time accurately to the second.

The small planet corresponding to the 9 o’clock position on the dial has two sides, light and dark, and rotates around its axis every 24 hours, presenting a fascinating visual effect whether during the day or at night. This design was inspired by the unique idea of Loris Spitzer, an IWC watchmaking apprentice. The day and night display system was integrated into the newly developed IWC self-made 81925 movement.

Since the movement is manually wound and has no oscillating weight, the rotating little planet can be clearly seen from both the front and the back of the watch. The gold-plated flat part is hollowed out, making it possible to admire the delicate structure of the barrel and other components.

This replica watch is equipped with a black Santoni alligator leather curved strap, and the buckle is also made of 18K Armor Gold® hard gold, giving the wearer a more comfortable wearing experience. Of course, according to personal preferences, you can also choose straps of different materials to provide more matching possibilities for the watch.

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