Putting the replica Omega Seamaster 300 Co-Axial Master Chronometer to the test

Compared with the old model in 2014,replica Omega’s latest version in 2021 once again incorporates some unique designs and provides a new interpretation of its first diving watch in 1957. Watch Time has taken a closer look at the latest Seamaster 300 Co-Axial Master Chronometer.


For our testing, replica Omega gave us a stainless steel model (Ref. with a blue dial and a matching stainless steel dive bezel – the combination of the two is a very attractive one. because in the past, most of the metals we could choose were platinum, titanium, etc. The prices of these metals are relatively expensive. The price of the new stainless steel dial is only about 1/3 of the black dial version. Because this blue dial has been very popular since its launch, it has irreplaceable retro charm. We’re glad that stainless steel is here, and we think it makes sense not to use high-tech metal here, because without a better lightweight option, you’d have to go with the slightly larger Diver 300m Co-Axial Master Chronometer “Edition 007” ” (Reference No.

The basic design of the 2021 and 2014 watches is modeled after the original 1957 model. However, if you look closely, some small differences become very obvious. Thanks to the new dial design, the latest model’s second hand ends in a luminous “lollipop” dot instead of an arrow, a feature already used in 2015’s popular Spectre limited edition (reference 233.32.; the new watch bears the logo and the words “Seamaster 300”; the numerals 3, 6, 9 and 12 are now beige brown instead of silver. In 2014, the triangle was dented and finally filled with a luminous material called “faux patina” . Now, replica Omega’s dial has a sandwich design, and its base plate also has a part of the luminous coating, and the top layer is a perforated digital hour cutout. Like many displays we can see on the market, most of replica Omega’s displays also emit blue light in the dark. The difference is. The minute hand of this replica Omega watch and the corresponding zero point on the rotating diving bezel are displayed in very bright green.

In addition, the bezel track of this replica Omega watch is also coated with luminous material. In addition to luminous dots, its early models also featured silver numerals on metal alloy stands. However, at that time, the base material of the bezel was ceramic, but today it has been replaced by aluminum. From this, we can understand that the advantage of this replica Omega watch lies in its unique uniqueness and final display. The disadvantages are also obvious. The scratch resistance of the diving bezel is worse than before.

The screw-in crown is the key to this watch’s 300-meter water resistance. Although the new crown is slightly smaller in size, its unique conical design is ergonomically comparable to the previous infrared crown. The crown can be used in a half-pull-out state, making it convenient for people to adjust the hour hand, which is very practical. Moreover, the stop-seconds mechanism ensures the accuracy of the time during the time setting process. When the crown is completely pulled out, this advanced technology can use the second hand to pause the movement.


Replica Omega’s changes in bracelet design bring many advantages to this watch. First of all, the design of the bracelet gradually tapering toward the buckle makes the overall watch look more elegant and in line with the retro theme. Secondly, the alternating use of polished surfaces and matte surfaces makes the visual effect of the entire bracelet more outstanding, consistent with the 1957 design, and adds to the historical feel of the watch. However, this design also has some disadvantages. Since the outer links are more exposed, they are more susceptible to scratches. But it’s worth noting that there were very few scratches on the bracelet or bezel during our wearing tests, suggesting this concern may not be as serious as expected. Overall, these changes to the bracelet by replica Omega result in a stunning visual effect and make this watch even more attractive.

This replica Omega watch is unrivaled in its exquisite craftsmanship in bracelet design. It not only has a unique buckle design to ensure the sturdiness of the structure, but also visually presents an elegant line aesthetic, which perfectly fits the retro theme. The alternating use of polished and matte bracelets gives the bracelet a historical depth, as if telling a historical story. However, this design also has some theoretical disadvantages. The exposed external links make it prone to scratches during daily wear. However, in the actual try-on test, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the bracelet of this watch left almost no traces, which may alleviate some users’ concerns about its durability. Overall, these innovative designs of replica Omega add endless charm to this watch. Whether it is its retro appearance or exquisite craftsmanship, it stands out among many watches and becomes our first choice.

These two sides of the bracelet are stabilized by strong screws in the links. In addition, replica Omega has applied for a patent for this exquisite design. As long as the user adjusts the appropriate strap length before use, the Haima 300 can provide the user with the ultimate wearing experience from morning to night.


This watch has a unique and eye-catching design. The sapphire crystal back on the watch has abandoned its once smooth round design in favor of today’s mainstream wavy grooved edges. Through the large transparent window, you can see the precise and exquisite structure inside the watch. The automatic components that make up Caliber 8912 are not only beautiful, but also exhibit strong anti-magnetic capabilities. After rigorous evaluation by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology, its accuracy and stability have reached industry-leading levels.

This movement is structurally identical to the Caliber 8400 launched in 2014, and it retains all its technical advantages. The two-way winding design allows this watch to have a power reserve of up to 60 hours, far exceeding similar products. Not only that, the silicon hairspring ensures a stable rate even in the face of temperature fluctuations or shocks. By placing its balance wheel under the bridge, it is more stable and secure than a traditional single-sided balance cock. In addition, the four balance weights have been carefully fine-tuned, as if giving the watch the ability to “breathe”. Most importantly, replica Omega’s self-developed coaxial escapement, combined with a multi-layer escapement fork and escapement wheel, ensures consistent pulse transmission, thereby ensuring higher rate accuracy.

Thanks to all these structural advantages of its own movements, replica Omega has exceeded the rate test standards of the COSC, the official Swiss observatory body. In pursuit of higher quality, replica Omega began submitting its watches to METAS for more stringent testing to obtain additional certifications. At METAS, each assembled watch undergoes a series of rigorous tests, including functional reliability, travel stability, water resistance, power reserve, and resistance to extreme magnetic fields of up to 15,000 gauss.

All watches that pass these rigorous tests will be certified by METAS as Master Chronometers. Due to the large number of timepieces produced by replica Omega, the testing institute established a subsidiary in the replica Omega building. The independence of replica Omega watch testing is always contractually guaranteed by its partners.

For our test watch movements, they inherit the advantages of the previous generation and meet our high quality standards, both in terms of timekeeping devices and watches. Electronic testing showed a gain of 4.2 seconds per day, but only a 2-second gain on the wrist. The deviations at each position differ by only 4 seconds, which is much smaller than the average deviation rate. Furthermore, although the movement and the entire case have above-average watch performance and are officially certified by METAS, replica Omega offers a five-year warranty on its Master Chronometer.

Dive Properties

During our testing, this watch demonstrated excellent quality, strong durability, ultra-high accuracy, and set a new benchmark for ease of use and wearing comfort. However, this watch still has some shortcomings. For example, the frame design, while easy to grip, extends beyond the edge of the case, which may cause it to shift when putting your hands in your pockets or putting your arms through the backpack straps. In our actual wearing tests, the rotating bezel did move inadvertently. For those who plan to use this watch as a backup instrument while diving, replica Omega’s Seamaster series is a more suitable choice. The Seamaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer 300 we tested is great for water sports, but it may not be suitable for diving. Additionally, the watch’s strap has some limitations: its extension is not long enough to attach to a wetsuit (although an extra-long fabric strap can be purchased separately to make up for this).

In addition, there is no minute mark bezel track on the dial of replica Omega, which reflects that replica Omega pursues a harmonious retro style in its design, rather than a pure tool watch. In general, Haima 300 is more suitable for daily wear or casual sports, as well as various occasions that need to show its characteristics.

New Beats Old?

Comparing the new generation Haima 300 with the old model, its advantages are more obvious. The new bezel track is fully illuminated, the colors are more harmonious, the beige-brown display is unified, there is also a better bracelet, METAS certificate, five-year warranty and a new blue stainless steel version. Of course, there are some counterarguments, such as the bezel may be more susceptible to scratches, the quick-adjustment length of the clasp is shorter, and the graphic design of the second hand may not be to everyone’s taste (some people may prefer an arrow-tipped one) second hand). In addition, this hand is also used in other replica Omega models, such as the Moonwatch, and it performs its safety control function almost as well as the big lollipop hand when diving. Overall, the new Haima 300’s subtle design updates result in a more balanced and refined appearance, while its technology, functionality, execution and finishing are also outstanding. In short, this generation of Haima 300 has achieved successful upgrades in all aspects.

Omega Seamaster 300 Specs:

Manufacturer: Replica Omega S.A., Stämpflistrasse 96, 2504 Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

Reference number: 

Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds 

Movement: In-house movement 8912 with antimagnetic components, automatic, chronometer, 25,200 vph, 38 jewels, stop-seconds, quick-adjust hour setting mechanism, coaxial escapement with silicon hairspring and DLC-coated titanium balance wheel, fine adjustment with regulating screws, two serially arranged barrels, Nivachoc shock absorber, 60-hour power reserve, diameter = 29 mm, height = 5.5 mm 

Case: Stainless steel, aluminum bezel, domed sapphire crystal with inner antireflective coating, screw-down crown, fully threaded caseback with sapphire crystal viewing window, water resistant to 300 m 

Bracelet and clasp: Stainless-steel bracelet with simple safety folding clasp and incremental extension piece, up to 3.8 mm 

Rate results: Deviation in seconds per 24 hours 

Dimensions: Diameter = 41 mm, height = 13.85 mm, weight = 143 g 

Variations: With black dial and bezel (Ref., $6,500), with Bronze Gold case (Ref., $11,600) 

Price: $6,500


Bracelet and clasp (max. 10 points): The bracelet links are securely fastened with screws and surfaces are carefully finished. The safety folding clasp with incremental extension piece is sturdy, functional and attractive. 9

Case (10): High water resistance, flawless finishing, two sapphire crystals; the aluminum bezel is not scratch-resistant. 8

Dial and hands (10): Nicely finished “sandwich” dial and hands; all displays glow in the dark. 8

Design (15): Harmonious, sporty/elegant retro design; the lollipop second hand may not appeal to everyone. 13

Legibility (5): Scales and hand lengths and luminescence are good overall, but the domed sapphire crystal is highly reflective. In the dark, the abundance of glowing markers, numerals and the minute hand, which only shines at the tip, are confusing. For historical reasons, the bezel has no minute markers. 3

Operation (5): Ergonomically shaped crown, grooved bezel, stop-seconds mechanism, quick adjustment for the hour hand, but the bezel may shift unintentionally. 4

Wearing comfort (5): Thanks to the extension piece, the watch is always comfortable on the wrist; hair does not get pinched or pulled. 5

Movement (20): The individually decorated, antimagnetic movement runs with chronometer-certified accuracy thanks to the free-sprung silicon hairspring and co-axial escapement, and both long and consistently thanks to two barrels; superior. 19

Rate results (10): Average daily gain and maximum deviation are low, at 4 seconds per day; gain of only 2 seconds per day on the wrist. 9

Overall value (10): Appropriately priced for the brand and the quality of the watch. 8

TOTAL: 86 points

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