Rolex’s two new Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytonas are highly anticipated. The contrast between black and white natural mother-of-pearl gives the dial a unique charm, while the round-cut diamonds inlaid on the outer ring add a sense of luxury to the whole. This design not only demonstrates precise performance, but also highlights precious style. It combines advanced watchmaking technology with jewelry setting technology, which is amazing.

The Cosmograph Daytona series has always been famous for its rich creativity and diverse styles, and this new interpretation once again demonstrates its spirit of continuous innovation. The contrast between different colors shows a low-key and harmonious beauty, while vividly demonstrating the exquisite skills of gem setting and dial making.

These two replica watches have very distinctive features and unique designs. The dials use two colors of natural mother-of-pearl. One is a white dial with a black chronograph dial, and the other is a black dial with a white chronograph dial. . This design not only highlights color contrast, but also creates a deep shine and rich color.

Rolex’s strict selection of materials and careful shaping of details make these watches exude elegance and nobility. The position of the mother-of-pearl plate has been carefully designed to highlight the unique colors of the two mother-of-pearl, adding more charm to the overall design. Since its birth, the Cosmograph Daytona series has attracted the attention of many watch enthusiasts with its unique design and noble materials. Among them, the design inlaid with gems highlights its nobility and rarity.

These new watches once again return to this bold and avant-garde aesthetic design, with 36 round diamonds set on the outer ring. These diamonds have been carefully crafted, and the facets reveal harmonious brilliance, adding more luxury and brilliance to the watch. The ingenious gem-set design not only enhances the visual effect of the watch, but also demonstrates Rolex’s attention to detail and pursuit of quality. The addition of these precious gems makes the watch more noble and brings unique charm to the wearer.

The design of these two new products carefully considers the matching of straps and counters to ensure the unity and perfect presentation of the overall style. The model with black chronograph dial uses Rolex’s unique Oysterflex strap, while the model with white chronograph dial uses the classic Oyster strap.

The Oysterflex strap is an innovative design patented by Rolex. Its interior is composed of curved elastic metal sheets, one on each side of the strap, and the outer layer is injection molded with black high-performance rubber. This design not only ensures the comfort and durability of the strap, but also brings a unique sense of fashion to the wearer.

The Oyster strap is one of the classic straps launched by Rolex in the late 1930s. Known for its sturdiness and reliability, it is one of the most common straps in the Oyster Perpetual series of watches, providing the wearer with a stable wearing experience.

This carefully selected strap combination not only reflects Rolex’s pursuit of quality and comfort, but also provides the wearer with a variety of choices, making each watch a perfect fit for the wearer.

The watches in the Cosmograph Daytona series are equipped with caliber 4131, which is a newly developed exclusive movement by Rolex. This movement was first launched in 2023 and was used in this series of watches, becoming its exclusive power core. This self-winding mechanical movement embodies Rolex’s superb technology and innovative spirit over the years, and performs well in terms of accuracy, reliability, power reserve, and ease of use.

The structure of the 4131 movement has been greatly improved, especially the number of timer components has been streamlined, making the entire movement more compact and reliable. This design not only improves the stability and durability of the movement, but also makes the watch more durable and reliable, able to maintain accurate operation in various environments and conditions.

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