While Rolex launches new products every year, it also maintains the tradition of launching special disks for day-date models.

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Special dials characterized by the use of non-traditional materials, such as gemstones or other decorative stones, to create the dial. This design trend began in the early 1960s, led by the Piaget brand, and was gradually followed and imitated by other watch brands, Rolex being one of them.

Rolex’s special dials not only cover natural stones with rich expressions, but also extend to rare materials such as meteorites, fossils, corals, and mother-of-pearl. What’s even more surprising is that Rolex even launched a wooden dial. The replica Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 watch we are going to introduce today uses green aventurine as the dial, showing a unique style-Elegance.

There are two main types of common aventurine disk applications in the watch field. One is aventurine, which is an artificially fired glass material, also called gold-sprinkled glass. The other kind is natural stone, a product of nature. As a variety of translucent quartz, it can also achieve the placer gold effect and shine because it contains mica and other substances.

The aventurine chosen for this replica Rolex is naturally formed by the latter. The disc surface shows unique natural impurity textures. These impurities and textures give replica Rolex aventurine discs a unique charm. Not only that, when you look closely at the dial, you can also find that it is dotted with tiny pits, which is a unique feature of natural aventurine.

This choice not only demonstrates the brand’s unique taste, but also shows Rolex’s unique insights and strict requirements for materials.

The tone of Rolex’s aventurine dial does give people a feeling similar to gambling table green, but what makes it unique is that its tone is both rich and bright. When the sun shines on the disk, the placer gold effect reflected by those small bright spots and small crystals makes people’s eyes brighten, as if they are under the bright starry sky.

Although the color of this disk is not the traditional blue and black, it can still show a stunning starry sky effect. If I were to describe this feeling, I would say it is like observing the stars through the filter of an aurora. The beauty and mystery are so intertwined that it is unforgettable.

When the green aventurine dial of this replica Rolex is combined with the elegant Roman diamond engraving and the 52 shining diamonds on the outer ring, the luxury of the entire watch is greatly enhanced. In the setting process, the classic prong setting method is used to ensure that the diamonds can be firmly fixed on the dial. At the same time, these diamonds are all cut in a round brilliant way. This cutting method can show the brilliance of the diamond to the greatest extent, making the watch shine even more brilliantly under the light. This combination not only demonstrates Rolex’s ultimate pursuit of details, but also reflects the brand’s unremitting insistence on luxury and quality.

There is a classic bubble mirror calendar window at 3 o’clock on the disk. The calendar numbers are enlarged to facilitate the wearer’s reading, and the day of the week display window is at 12 o’clock. The 36mm Oyster case is made of a solid piece of 18k eternal rose gold. This special rose gold is blended by Rolex and is softer in tone than its regular rose gold and is not easy to fade. The Oyster case is paired with a screw-in double-buckle winding crown, making the watch water-resistant to 100 meters.

The 3255 movement equipped on the watch has been certified by the Superlative Observatory as a chronometer, with a daily error of plus or minus two seconds. The movement has excellent performance in all aspects. It is equipped with a nickel-phosphorus alloy Chronergy escapement system, a blue niobium Parachrom hairspring and a Paraflex shock absorber, which makes the watch anti-magnetic, shockproof and resistant to temperature changes. The movement can also provide 70 hours of power reserve when fully wound.

The bracelet is still the head-shaped strap with the iconic three-part solid link of the day-date type, which is comfortable and close to the wrist. The matching concealed folding crown buckle is convenient and strong. Only one small crown is needed to open the buckle.

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