Recommended watches with artistic dials – replica Blancpain Art Master Series 6615-3633-55B watch.

What we recommend today is a replica Blancpain Art Master series cloisonné enamel watch. This watch has been displayed in real form at the China World Mall in Beijing. Its exquisite appearance is unforgettable.

The diameter of this replica watch is 45 mm, and the case is made of 18K red gold. The classic double bezel design makes it highly recognizable. In the simple and beautiful composition, there are only two white flowers, two Roman numeral time scales, the classic two hands and the logo in the upper left corner. This golden ratio design makes the watch like an intoxicating work of art. , people can’t help but admire it for a long time.

In addition, this replica watch is equipped with a Cal.15B manual mechanical movement with a power reserve of up to 40 hours. Although the overall waterproof depth is only 30 meters, it maintains the exquisite appearance while maintaining the Blancpain Consistent craftsmanship and superior performance. Whether it is used as an accessory for daily wear or as a collection of art, this Blancpain Art Master series cloisonné enamel watch is an excellent choice.

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