Replica Breitling TOP TIME series watch: speed and passion on the wrist

Top Time is Breitling’s watch series that pursues speed, freedom and pleasure. This year’s four new watches continue to be inspired by the classic sports cars of the 1960s, launching versions of Ford Thunderbird, Ford Mustang, Corvette and Shelby Cobra. These watches not only pay tribute to automotive legends in appearance, but also incorporate Breitling’s excellent watchmaking craftsmanship and technological innovation, bringing the wearer an unparalleled driving experience. Each watch shows Breitling’s unique understanding of speed and passion and has become a symbol of speed and passion.

The new Ford Thunderbird version of the replica Breitling Top Time series is a bold upgrade, using a white dial with a red strap color scheme to highlight the Thunderbird’s unique blue-green logo and red chronograph hands. At the same time, the other three versions, such as racing green for the Mustang model, racing red for the Corvette model, and speed blue for the Shelby Cobra model, all use the classic colors of these sports cars at the time, adding more details to the series. Much style.

Compared with the old model, the case diameter of the new Top Time replica is slightly adjusted to 41 mm, maintaining the size of the classic model in the 1960s, which not only shows a more refined appearance, but also improves wearing comfort to a certain extent. In addition, the small rounded rectangular dial on the dial, which is inspired by the classic sports car dashboard, has become more compact, adding more fashion and sporty atmosphere to the overall design.

The B01 engine used in the new Top Time series has undergone some adjustments without compromising performance. First of all, the pendulum adopts a shape similar to a classic car steering wheel, injecting more design inspiration from automotive elements into it. Secondly, in terms of decorative polishing, only simple brushing is performed instead of the exquisite Geneva stripes on other B01 engines. Although this treatment is slightly sloppy, considering the fit with the rugged American muscle car and the design of the car logo printed on the transparent bottom cover, the embarrassment of this treatment is alleviated to a certain extent. In addition, the use of the new engine does not increase the thickness too much. The thickness is 13.8 mm, which is only 0.15 mm higher than the old model, while maintaining the same 100-meter waterproof performance as the old model.

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