Fresh mint green, infinite charm: real-shot review of Breitling mechanical chronograph series U17356531L1U1!

Today, I would like to introduce to you a very special mechanical watch – the mint green disc watch of the Breitling Chonomat series. This watch is not only smart and unique in color, but also full of appearance. It is definitely a shining pearl in the fashion world.

Breitling’s mechanical chronograph (Chonomat) watch has been loved by watch fans since its launch in 1984. The mint green design gives this watch a lively and fresh feel, as if it is carrying a breeze blowing on your face. This color is undoubtedly one of the best combinations in today’s warming season. Whether it is worn for daily casual wear or business formal wear, this watch can add a sense of fashion and personality to the wearer.

This watch is a new series launched by the Breitling brand last year, aiming to bring more choices to watch lovers and fashion pursuers. In addition to mint green dials, there are also silver and ice blue dials to choose from. The color tone of each watch is unique and full of a fresh and elegant “little freshness” flavor that makes people fall in love at first sight.

The replica of this watch is the same as the original. It features a classic bezel, a slightly larger crown and a comfortable ball bracelet, making it stand out among many watches. The design of the bezel is elegant and simple, highlighting the exquisiteness of the watch; the slightly larger size of the crown not only facilitates time adjustment, but also adds a fashionable atmosphere; and the design of the ball bracelet makes the wearer feel more comfortable and comfortable Fitting experience.

This watch might be mistaken for a women’s watch, but in fact, with a diameter of 38 mm and a thickness of 11.88 mm, it is very unisex and suitable for both men and women.

The large-sized crown design on the other side is one of the highlights of this watch. The outer layer of the crown is made of ceramic material, which echoes the four green ceramic time marks on the bezel, making the overall design more unified and coordinated. This design not only highlights the unique charm of the watch, but also improves the wearer’s convenience and operating experience when setting time.

The most eye-catching design of this replica watch is its color combination. The mint green tone on the dial itself is very charming, but the combination with the 18K red gold material makes it exude a noble and unique charm. The watch is equipped with a gorgeous 18K red gold bezel, the surface of which is dotted with diamonds. These diamonds are cultivated in accordance with sustainable development grade standards, are green and environmentally friendly, and have a texture that is in no way inferior to natural diamonds. The clever combination of gold bezel and diamonds makes the overall watch more dazzling.

The dial is decorated with sunray patterns, and the mint green dial shows brilliant light and shadow under different light exposures, which has a great visual impact. The hour markers and hands are coated with Super-LumiNova to ensure clear readability in dark environments. The design of the plate details is very exquisite. The three-dimensional gold hour markers, hands and Breitling logo complement the material of the bezel, and the colors are harmonious and unified.

In addition, the watch has a small date display window with black characters on a white background at 6 o’clock, replacing the traditional stick-shaped time scale, which is functional and beautiful. The watch is equipped with an integrated bullet chain strap, which is very comfortable to wear and fits the wrist very well. The details and texture are also quite excellent. The 18K gold design in the middle of the strap complements the 18K red gold on the bezel, highlighting the luxurious quality of the watch.

At the bottom of the watch, a sealed design is adopted, with a Cal.17 automatic mechanical movement inside. The movement can provide a power reserve of up to 40 hours after being fully wound, ensuring the precise operation of the watch. In addition, the watch has a waterproof depth of 100 meters, which is enough to meet various needs in daily life.

Overall, this replica watch is not only very attractive in appearance, but also excellent in functionality and practicality. It is a top-notch watch that combines fashion and quality.

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