If you are a watch and aviation enthusiast, then Breitling’s aviation chronograph series must be an option you can’t avoid!

Watch history

The Breitling Aviation Chronograph series began in 1952. In just two years, it was officially recognized by AOPA (International Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) and became its designated timing instrument. This important milestone marks Breitling’s official entry into the U.S. market. To celebrate this collaboration, Breitling specially designed a logo that incorporates AOPA elements – a combination of small wings and the AOPA shield logo, which is exactly the prototype of the modern wing logo.

Before Breitling launched its self-developed B01 movement, the brand had relied on externally purchased movements for half a century. Among them, the Valjoux 72 and Venus 178 manual movements are classics, and TAG Heuer is one of its partners and jointly developed the Caliber 11/12 movement. In addition, the ETA-7750 movement provided by the Swatch Group has also left an important trace in the history of Breitling.

Among the collection of Breitling antique aviation chronograph watches, the most expensive one is the Old Navitimer 806 made between 1954 and 1956. With the launch of the B01 movement in 2009, since 2011, the aviation chronograph series has gradually begun to adopt this self-developed movement, writing a new chapter in the history of the brand.

Appearance introduction

This replica watch pays tribute to the Boeing 747-100 of that year. It adopts a red design on the inner ring of the aviation slide rule, showing a distinctive aviation feature. At the same time, the dial adopts an off-white tone that echoes the fuselage, making it appear fresh and elegant. In order to increase the visual contrast and layering of the overall appearance, the three small dials adopt a black contrasting color design, making the dial more vivid and three-dimensional. At 8 o’clock, the words “Boeing 747” are specially integrated, adding a special commemorative significance to this watch, allowing the wearer to always feel the charm and legend of aviation.

When we turn the replica watch over to the back, we can see that the watch’s back-through design cleverly displays its classic B01 movement. The automatic rotor of this movement adopts a hollow design, presenting a unique visual effect. The design of the column wheel vertical clutch shows the exquisiteness and complexity of watchmaking technology. The words “ONE OF 747” and “THE ORIGINAL JUMBO JET” are engraved on the edge of the bottom cover. This is not only a tribute to the Boeing 747, but also symbolizes that this watch is one of the 747 limited editions and is highly commemorative. value and collectible value. This design detail allows the wearer to appreciate the mechanical beauty while also feeling the legendary charm and unique significance of the Boeing 747.

The diameter of the new replica watch is 43 mm, the thickness is 13.69 mm, and the upper and lower distance between the lugs is exactly 50 mm, showing a balanced and elegant proportion. The B01 movement equipped with it has already proven its excellent accuracy and stability after more than ten years of market testing. Its calendar instant jump function is accurate and provides the wearer with accurate time display. In addition, the Geneva pattern polishing on the movement is exquisite and meticulous, adding a touch of high-end texture to the overall shape.

Watch purchase advice

If you are a lover of watches and aviation at the same time and have a limited budget for buying watches, then Breitling’s replica aviation chronograph series must be a series that interests you. This series perfectly integrates precision machinery and aviation elements. Whether it is mechanical timing or aviation timing, it is unique and shows extraordinary charm. In particular, its iconic bullet chain design is not only sturdy and durable, but also symbolizes the bravery and speed of aviation.

If you are fond of the B01 version with mechanical timing, please note that this watch is relatively large in size, so it is more suitable for friends with a wrist circumference of 18 cm or more. If you have a soft spot for retro style, then the Milan strap in the Breitling Navitimer series will be an excellent choice. It is particularly worth mentioning that if you have special feelings for the Boeing 747, then this Boeing 747-themed Jumbo jet watch is definitely a choice not to be missed.

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