Cartier Pasha’s unique design: square within a circle

Cartier Pasha Pasha watch is a unique solo player in the field of watches. Among the many watches, the shapes and styles vary greatly, some are as round as jade, and some are as sharp as square inches. The Pasha series stands out with its chic and unique design and becomes the focus of attention. The inspiration of this series dates back to 1985 and was designed by watchmaker Gero Genta himself. Therefore, it not only has a long historical origin, but also carries the designer’s unique concept.

It is worth mentioning that the Cartier Pasha watch shows a unique style in shape. It is not just a circle or a square, but a clever fusion of the two, forming a unique design of “a circle within a square, a square within a circle”. This design style makes the Pasha series stand out among many watchmaking brands and become a uniquely identifiable treasure.

The prototype of the Pasha series was born in 1985 and was designed by Gero Genta himself. This makes the entire series not just a watch, but also a representative of historical heritage, carrying the design concepts and ingenuity of the master watchmaker. The Pasha watch (model: WSPA0026) shared today is a model of this tradition and design.

Each of the Cartier Pasha watches exudes the glory of history and unique design. The design style of “a circle within a square, a square within a circle” makes the edges of the case smooth and rounded, without losing the uniqueness of the edges and corners. This unique shape makes the Pasha series a unique landscape, highlighting its distinctive taste.

The history and design concept of the Cartier Pasha series make this watch a work of art on the wrist. Whether it is the cherishment of historical heritage or the pursuit of unique design, this Pasha watch is an intoxicating journey through time. In this unique watch design, Cartier once again demonstrates its outstanding position in the field of watchmaking and its unique brand charm.

The men’s watches in the Cartier Pasha series have a variety of watch types, meeting the various expectations and needs of modern fashionable men. This men’s watch with a round case is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 41 mm, providing an easy choice for watch enthusiasts. Its slim thickness of 9.55 mm makes the overall size moderate and comfortable to wear, showing a refined yet practical design.

Now let’s take a look at the outstanding dial. The round and square dial adopts a gray color scheme that was not common in the past. In order to read the time clearly, the common black Arabic time markers have also been replaced with white.

The silver-plated carvings gradually radiate outward from the gray chassis, and the fan-shaped design is covered with full texture; the white square track and the diamond-shaped blue steel hands form a sharp contrast, adding a sense of hierarchy. An oblique calendar display window is opened at 4 o’clock on the dial. This is a special design unique to the Pasha series of men’s watches and further increases the practical performance of the watch. Turn to the side and see that the chain crown on the right side is also one of the unique elements of the Pasha watch. This is also designed by Cartier to meet customer requirements and can better reach 100 meters in a slim shape. Waterproof performance.

For this stainless steel version of the Cartier Pasha, the brand paired it with a stainless steel bracelet made of the same material as the case. The design of this bracelet has sharp edges and corners, which highlights the solidity and toughness of the entire watch. In the cold autumn and winter, if you want to change to a leather strap, don’t worry, because Cartier has cleverly designed the QuickSwitch system, which is hidden in the lugs. Various styles of straps can be easily changed by simply pressing the button at the lug connection. This design makes it easier for watch friends to choose the appropriate watch chain for different occasions, opening up a new lifestyle for them. This flexibility makes the Cartier Pasha collection ideal for adapting to a variety of styles and situations.

Cartier Pasha’s overall watch shape is simple and elegant, and it can also well balance the sense of femininity and strength. It can be well controlled no matter what style you have. The public price of this watch is 56,500. The round and square design has highly recognizable features. It easily stands out among the crowd of watches, which is enough to prove Cartier’s control and attention to details.

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