Fake Cartier Tank Cintrée Réédition series platinum limited edition watch now available

In 1921, Cartier launched a very influential watch-Tank Cintrée. This watch has a slender appearance and a slender overall shape that perfectly fits the curve of the wearer’s wrist, giving users an unparalleled wearing experience.

In 2021, in order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tank Cintrée, Cartier launched another 18K gold limited edition watch, further demonstrating the extraordinary charm and classic elements of this series.

Today, Cartier has added a new work and launched the 950 platinum Tank Cintrée watch (model: WGTA0193), once again enriching the diversity of the series. This new product not only inherits the elegance and sophistication of the Tank Cintrée , but also enhances the overall texture through precious 950 platinum material.The materials used in our fake Tank Cintrée watch are based on the original ones and are almost identical.

Whether it is a commemorative gold limited edition or a newly launched 950 platinum model, the Tank Cintrée series has become Cartier’s bright treasure with its timeless classics and excellent quality, bringing endless surprises to watch lovers. and expectations.

Watch introduction

This fake Cartier Tank Cintrée Réédition watch is very delicate and maintains nearly the same proportions and shape as the original. It is 46.30 mm long, 23 mm wide, and only 6.03 mm thick. It is worth noting that its thickness is even thinner than the 18K gold model (6.40 mm thick), showing its light and elegant characteristics.

The case of this fake watch is also made of 950 platinum, which has been finely brushed and polished to show its noble luster and texture. The case presents a beautiful rectangular outline with soft and smooth curves, perfectly fitting the wrist. It is worth mentioning that this watch is also equipped with a solid mineral glass mirror to provide a clear view of the dial.

The crown is set with a cabochon ruby, which adds a bright color to the overall look. In addition, the bottom cover is also made of platinum, and its fine polishing process makes it perfectly integrated with the case, presenting a seamless aesthetic.

This watch is equipped with a 9780 MC ultra-thin manual movement improved from the Jaeger-LeCoultre 849 movement. It is only 1.85 mm thick, contains 19 gems, and vibrates at a frequency of 21,600 times per hour, ensuring the watch’s accurate timekeeping. In addition, it can provide 33 hours of power storage, allowing the wearer to avoid winding it for a period of time, which is very convenient and considerate.

The fake Cartier Tank Cintrée Réédition platinum limited watch has an elegant design, fashionable yet noble. Whether it is appearance design, movement quality, strap material, inlay technology or functional features, they all demonstrate the brand’s unique charm and extraordinary strength.

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