Brilliant release: HUBLOT BIG BANG Soul Jia Chen Dragon Year Titanium Watch

HUBLOT deeply integrates the three profound heritages of Chinese culture: inspired by the Oriental dragon (also known as ‘long’), using the two art forms of paper-cutting and mosaic art, and collaborating with Chinese artist Chen Fenwan Join hands to create and jointly launch the HUBLOT Big Bang Soul Jiachen Dragon Year Titanium Watch.

HUBLOT, as a Swiss luxury watch brand, officially released the much-anticipated Big Bang Soul Jiachen Dragon Year titanium watch. The design of this watch is inspired by the traditional Chinese paper-cutting art. Through a unique layered design, it cleverly presents the 3D outline of the Oriental dragon, which is lifelike. The clever combination of hands, gears and H-shaped screws shows the perfect combination of innovation and tradition.

The new timepiece also introduces a rubber strap with inlaid art, which is the first attempt in the history of the Hublot brand. This watch is a joint effort between Hublot and Chinese artist Chen Fenwan, successfully integrating traditional craftsmanship with modern elements. Through metaphorical elements with rich symbolic meaning, Hublot’s brand philosophy of “dare to be a pioneer, be unique, and be different” is vividly demonstrated. This watch is limited to 88 pieces and is a unique souvenir created for the Chinese Lunar Year of the Dragon in 2024.

In Chinese culture, 2024 is an important Year of the Dragon, and dragons are regarded as sacred creatures, symbolizing prosperity and prosperity. As a symbol of luck, strength and wisdom, the dragon is also an integral royal totem in Chinese culture, representing life and immortality. Overall, this watch cleverly integrates elements of Eastern culture and shows respect and respect for dragon culture.

The year 2024 coincides with the 4722nd year of the Chinese lunar calendar, which is the Year of the Wood Dragon. In order to pay tribute to this special Lunar New Year, Hublot teamed up with artist Chen Fenwan to use her superb paper-cutting skills. Through ingenious conception of natural fibers, Chen Fenwan creatively created a piece of paper that symbolizes the soul and spirit to express his respect for the Year of the Wood Dragon in the Chinese lunar calendar. This cooperation is an innovative interpretation of traditional paper-cutting technology, adding a lot of color to Hublot’s commemorative activities of the Chinese lunar calendar.

There are new ideas hidden under the dragon shape

This timepiece is not only a vivid embodiment of Hublot’s “art of fusion” watchmaking philosophy, but also demonstrates the brand’s continuous innovation and excellent skills in materials and expressions. As a symbol of the art of fusion, this new timepiece presents a unique interpretation of time with unique features. Chinese artist Chen Fenwan uses the art of paper-cutting to exquisitely present a 3D dragon-shaped outline through the clever layered design of hands, gears and screws. The faucet part adopts a five-layer design and is displayed in turn between the hands, gears and H-shaped screws, while the dragon body and dragon scales extend to the entire strap. The color scheme of the entire design is inspired by the paper sculptures created by Chen Fenwan, which injects rich and unique visual expression into the timepiece.

The metaphor of “the art of fusion”

This watch is designed to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Dragon, using the “art of fusion” as a metaphor to pay tribute to the Eastern Dragon. As a sacred creature, the shape of the dragon has evolved over a long period of time, integrating the characteristics of nine different animals, including shrimp eyes, antlers, cow’s mouth, dog nose, catfish whiskers, lion’s mane, snake tail, fish scales, and eagle claws. Chen Fenwan is unique in displaying this sacred totem on the dial, paying homage to one of the richest art forms in Chinese culture – paper-cut art. The art of paper-cutting originated in China about two thousand years ago, appearing at the same time as papermaking. Since 2009, Chinese paper-cut art has been listed in the “Representative List of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage” and is a carrier for transmitting the creator’s moral principles, philosophical thoughts and aesthetic concepts. Paper-cut works are usually used to celebrate major life events such as weddings and births. Paper-cut decorations that symbolize happiness and auspiciousness are also an indispensable element in Chinese New Year celebrations.

For the first time, Hublot launched a rubber strap with inlaid artistic elements, warmly welcoming the arrival of 2024 with traditional Chinese elements.

Hublot teamed up with Chinese artist Chen Fenwan to cleverly combine traditional Chinese “round carving” techniques with modern art to create a brand new timepiece. This watch conveys the auspicious atmosphere of rising into the sky by presenting the majestic and dynamic dragon shape on the wrist. Symbolizing the totem of endless life, in a titanium case with a diameter of 42 mm, Hublot created a multi-layered dial structure with the multi-layered effect of paper-cut art, cleverly extending the dragon-shaped outline to the first inlaid art pattern rubber watch. Bring it. Each dragon scale is dyed and nano-vulcanized to ensure seamless integration with the strap. This decoration process is done by hand, and each strap takes about 8 hours to make. The Big Bang Soul Jiachen Dragon Year Titanium Watch is limited to 88 pieces and is equipped with a titanium gray Velcro nylon fabric spare strap. The timepiece is equipped with the HUB1710 self-winding movement, which provides a 50-hour power reserve.

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