Top Swiss watch manufacturer HUBLOT and artistic genius Richard Orlinski jointly created this unique time artwork. It combines popular color combinations with subversive design elements to demonstrate Hublot’s unparalleled aesthetic charm. This watch not only has an exquisite mechanical structure, but also is equipped with a unique hollow tourbillon movement, ensuring a power reserve of up to 5 days, truly realizing the perfect combination of art and function.

This collaboration perfectly interprets the “art of fusion” watchmaking concept advocated by the brand. Whether it is the classic fusion Olinsky tourbillon watch launched by HUBLOT or the sculpture created by Olinsky personally, they are the focus of everyone’s attention. The design inspiration of this new classic fusion Orlinsky Tourbillon watch comes directly from Orlinsky’s artistic works. At the same time, this watch also injects new vitality and inspiration into Orlinsky’s artistic creation. The cooperation between the two parties can be said to complement each other and be regarded as the leader in the industry.

The new classic fusion Orlinsky Tourbillon watch launched by Hublot shows a unique design aesthetic through distinctive color matching. This watch is designed for collectors who pursue innovation and unique aesthetics, and is available in two color options: yellow and sky blue. Among them, the case, strap, bezel, hands and indexes of the yellow watch all adopt a warm yellow tone, just like the sun shining on the wrist, full of vitality and vitality. The core of this timepiece is the popular HUB6021 manual winding movement, which can provide the watch with a power reserve of up to 5 days. The remaining power can be clearly grasped through the power reserve display between 8 and 9 o’clock. . The tourbillon is located at 6 o’clock, capturing the flow of time with its elegant rotation. In addition, the six H-shaped screws on the crown and bezel echo with the hollow bridge treated with black PVD coating, creating a suspended visual effect. The watch mirror and back are made of sapphire, which is not only strong and wear-resistant, but also emits a charming light under the light, making this watch an outstanding work with both functionality and beauty.

The new timepiece’s case presents an avant-garde and unique silhouette with a diameter of 45 mm, accurately demonstrating Orlinski’s iconic design style. Since 2017, Hublot has worked hand in hand with the artist, giving him full creative freedom, allowing him to fully demonstrate his creativity in the classic fusion series jointly created by both parties. Olinsky not only personally engraved the bezel for the new watch, but also redesigned the case and time scales. These unique changes allow this new classic fusion series timepiece to not only retain the classic design elements, but also be more unique in Olinsky’s history. Ski’s skilled hands created a whole new dimension of aesthetic design. The result of such cooperation is undoubtedly the perfect combination of traditional watchmaking technology and modern art design.

The second classic fusion Orlinsky Tourbillon watch launched by Hublot, contrary to the warm yellow, uses quiet and deep sky blue as the main color. The bridges are cleverly coated with silver rhodium plating, highlighting the exquisite polished, satin-brushed and embossed surfaces of each component. The designer has demonstrated superb skills in the use of color, allowing the color contrast between components to be delicately balanced, and the entire watch presents a harmonious and elegant beauty.

These two new classic fusion series Olinsky Tourbillon watches show their unique design charm through different color combinations. They not only present a sharp contrast visually, but also demonstrate the essence of Hublot’s “art of fusion” watchmaking concept in terms of detail processing. The original new timepieces are limited to 30 pieces. The replica version can effectively reduce the difficulty of collection and bring a new collection experience to watch enthusiasts.

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